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First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Fourth Place
April 2024Barry GittlemanBrad TewGary Cleverly
March 2024Luciano WolfarthBrad Van SkyhawkJonathan Leusden
February 2024Bill BoydCraig FisherFariborzLuciano Wolfarth
January 2024Scott BohnBrad Van SkyhawkBarry Gittleman
December 2023Brad TewRobert Lazarz
November 2023Bill BoydBrad TewBarry Gittleman & Jacob Van Skyhawk
October 2023Bill BoydKen GarenGary Cleverly
September 2023Brad Van SkyhawkGary CleverlyLuciano Wolfarth
August 2023Bill BoydBrad Van Skyhawk
July 2023Bill BoydBrad TewBob Black
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